Waltham: Charles River Rental Housing Association

Waltham rental property owners and managers gather at the Charles River Rental Housing Association (CRRHA, we call it “Charles River”). This group is the new version of the Waltham Rental Housing Association, and you might also call it the Greater Waltham Landlords Association. The Charles River group was rebranded to welcome owners and managers who didn’t operate in Waltham proper. Any operator anywhere in the state is welcome!

The waltham landlords’ Charles River group is a chapter of MassLandlords primarily focused on landlords in Waltham, Newton, Weston, Watertown, Wellesley, Wellesley Hills, Lincoln, Dover, Arlington, Belmont, and the western ends of Cambridge and Boston. Charles River events are held on the 1st Wednesday of every month except in July and August. Non-members are always welcome at meetings.

How to Join the Waltham Landlords

You can join here online or attend a local event to sign up for membership. Use the table below to proceed with your membership purchase.

Charles River
All benefits that come with a digital membership: Full set of rental forms, Home Depot savings, directory, videos, resources, tools, message board, credit screening coupon
Member priced tickets to all ten monthly dinner meetings, held on the first Wednesday of each month except July and August. $22
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Charles River Region


Testimonials from Waltham Rental Property Owners and Managers

95% of 2016-2017 event feedback was glowing, and we’ve made improvements for next season based on the other 5%. Most event feedback is anonymously submitted:

  • “Nice venue – Nice food. Speaker – very informational. Landlords need this info.”
  • “Good speakers! Good meeting! Thanks” – Mike
  • “Enjoyed both presentations. Very helpful. Keep it up! Thanks!” – Sharda

Waltham Landlord Quicklinks

Waltham Landlords Charles River Board of Advisors

Each MassLandlords chapter is steered by a local volunteer Board of Advisors. Our Waltham Charles River Board of Advisors include:

  • Gar Brannigan, sole proprietor landlord
  • Paul Harris, Drew Management
  • Charles O’Neill of Watch City Realty
  • Jennifer Patton, sole proprietor landlord, @walthamolian on Twitter
  • Rex Palmer, sole proprietor landlord
  • Jim Duffy, sole proprietor landlord

Waltham Landlord Events

The Waltham Charles River Rental Housing Association runs our Waltham rental real estate networking and training series.

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