Questions and Answers for October 2016: Mice

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Q: Mice!!! I’ve been setting out bait blocks in the kitchen. Is that enough? They’re multiplying!

Be careful! It seems to be consensus that landlords are not allowed to set out exposed bait blocks in rented premises (we’re pretty sure, but we can’t find a link to the law or regulation; if you know, please send us a link at

Exposed bait blocks pose a hazard to children and pets. You should hire a professional, licensed exterminator. When you hire an exterminator, they will set the bait blocks in stations that cannot be opened without a special exterminator’s key.

Bait stations must be placed very frequently, at least one for every room, in every apartment, and many more must be placed in the basement and attic. You must alsoAnchor interrupt chaseways and mouse holes by stopping them up with steel wool and foam. Pay special attention to the areas around heating pipes and wires.

The cost to have an exterminator do this is very affordable, at roughly $100/unit, depending on how many units you have and who you hire. There may be minimums or higher costs if this is the first time the property is being treated for mice.

Whoever you hire, don’t wait! Mice multiply like all rodents: very quickly. And there may be ten mice behind the walls for every one you catch.

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