Notice of Annual Meeting 2023: MassLandlords Annual Elections Nov. 27 through Dec. 19

At the end of each year we elect a member to the Board of Directors, and we also recognize someone with the MassLandlords Good Neighbor award. MassLandlords is a 501(c)6 nonprofit trade association. Members like you set our direction.

At physical events, nominations can be placed into a box like this. Electronically, nominate using our form.

Nominations are open for our 2023 annual election. Derivative of licensed 123rf.

Our annual meeting this year will be conducted electronically only. The four event locations that would normally host in-person voting are closed, except an event may be announced in Worcester for Dec. 6. Electronic voting will take place at starting Nov. 27, 2023 and running through Dec. 19, 2023.

The Record Date is Friday, Nov. 17, which means you must be a member in good standing on that day to vote. Quorum will be 25% of members as of the record date.

Members must pay dues to MassLandlords or a directly managed chapter (service contract chapters have their own elections).

The Good Neighbor Award

The Good Neighbor Award is intended to recognize efforts to advance property rights or to improve the quality of rental housing in Massachusetts. All nominees are sent a letter of thanks. The nominee chosen by the membership will receive a commemorative plaque.

The deadline for nominees to appear on the ballot is the Record Date, see above. Members can submit nominees through the Record Date.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are volunteers who oversee the operations of the association. Our legal mission is to create better rental housing in Massachusetts by helping current, new, and prospective owners run profitable, compliant, and quality businesses. To this end, MassLandlords organizes opportunities for landlord education and networking and advocates appropriate changes to the laws.

At time of writing, no members had been formally nominated.

Directors serve a five-year term. The Board of Directors has no operational responsibility, rather, their job is to oversee. In particular, they must hire or fire the person currently in the Executive Director’s role, if necessary. They must also review financial reports and verify that association business aligns with our mission.

Members can submit nominees through the Record Date. Write-in’s on the voting day will be allowed.

Log in at between Nov. 27, 2023 and Dec. 19, 2023 to view final ballots and biographies, and to vote electronically. The voting page will not be complete before that date, so mark your calendar.

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