New “Benefits Drip” Email Series for Members

In February we completed two important email upgrades. The first is the creation of a new “Benefits Drip,” which is an email series that runs at most biweekly. It will remind us all of the many benefits of membership. (The second email upgrade we completed is something only tech folks will appreciate: our email distribution system now uses DKIM signing to authenticate as the sender, reducing spam scores and improving open rates.)

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The “Benefits Drip” will eventually cover all services and benefits. It’s called a “drip” because the emails drip out slowly, to each of us according to our renewal date. Here are some highlights:

In Worcester, we are experimenting with a landscaping and snow cooperative, where owners pool resources to jointly hire a landscaper at reasonable rates. In Springfield, members have suggested an affiliation with a local hardware store, which if it happens would be announced once, but then would be easy to forget. The “benefits drip” can automatically remind Worcester and Springfield members that these programs exist.

A screenshot of what the “Benefits Drip” emails look like.

The Benefits Drip will also cover issues of state-wide importance. For instance, did you know that in 2015 MassLandlords created the Massachusetts Landlord Defense Fund? This is a pool of money set aside to loan to small landlords who are being bankrupted by state-enabled litigation. Interested members can view The benefits drip will offer new information about this program.

MassLandlords membership has a host of intangible benefits: message boards, a service provider directory, and events where you can learn things you only learn from other owners. If you’re a member in good standing and you’re not participating in these, you’re missing out. The benefits drip will hope to catch you at a good time to try any or all of these.
There are many tangible benefits, as well, and the email series will help us crunch the numbers. For instance, we can all save 20% on paint at Home Depot, but have you actually registered your cards? Or have your cards changed? If so, it’s time register your new cards to the program. The benefits drip about “Home Depot” will give step-by-step instructions to make sure you’re current. From your perspective, it will arrive only once per year.

If you’re not a member in good standing, you won’t see the benefits drip. But you can view all of our benefits at Maybe now is the time you’ll join us.

And remember, MassLandlords emails are very tightly focused. Don’t unsubscribe, just update your subscription preferences. This will help us to know which emails are valuable without losing our ability to contact you entirely.

Suggestions? We’re listening. Email or reply to any email you receive.

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