June 6, 2016 Meeting Recap (Sturbridge)

If you missed the meeting in June, you missed a great speaker: Andrew Pelletier, Agent of the Board of Health in Southbridge was so knowledgeable, informative, and entertaining! What a great speaker.

He spoke primarily about the critical violations: heat, electricity, water, toilet, sewerage, exits, to name a few. He referred us to 105 CMR 410 s750. If he finds any critical issues, they must be repaired within 24 hours.

He also said that you, or an agent, needs to be within ½ hour of the property in case one of these violations are found.
He said he looks for good quality repairs – with all health and safety issues, he looks for good workmanship. Just patching something together won’t work.

He recommends doing a pre-move inspection with the tenant. He creates a report that will be so beneficial if you need to go to housing court. His word is much more valuable and holds more weight than a home inspector. He charges only $50 for this service.

Remember, the State Sanitary code is 105 CMR 410 and sections 160-602 plus 750 apply to housing/tenancy issues.
After the talk, we broke for pizza and soda, provided by Dan O’Connor – thanks – it was delicious.
Mary Chabot Clerk

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