It’s Time to Talk about Summer Fire Safety in Multifamily Units

Fire safety is a year-round goal, as a fire can start at any time. In wintertime, a smoker might find it too cold to smoke outside. In the summer, a family might set a grill just a little too close to the house. Fire prevention week is in October, as home heating sources start up for the first time. But as landlords concerned with tenant behavior, we talk to our renters about fire safety before the summer.

22 WWLP reported on this mulch fire March 11, 2021. It spread to the nearby building. Although the cause of this fire was still under investigation, it’s common for mulch fires to be started by discarded cigarettes.

Summer activities have the potential for disaster in multifamily units. Where residents may not have access to adequate yard space, they may try to grill under a roof or too close to the residence. Where residents have disposable income, they may be tempted to launch illegal fireworks. On a sweltering summer day, a smoker may not feel like walking to the designated receptacle and may just toss their butt into the hot, dusty mulch.

And with summer 2021 in particular, we may find out what happens when a thin face mask is tossed into the fire and catches an updraft.

Review our article “Summer Fire Safety for Multifamilies” and make sure you’ve crafted a custom message for your renters about fire safety at your properties.

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