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  • This is a lawyer-supervised counseling service.
  • Your are purchasing a professional counselor’s time.
  • Our counselor will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a call (most calls are scheduled same-day).
  • Our counselor is supervised by an attorney on MassLandlords retainer. The counselor is not an attorney.
  • Over 80% of counseled cases reach an agreement that both parties feel is fair.
  • We may request that you purchase additional hours in order to reach a resolution with your case. You are under no obligation to purchase additional time.
  • We will use the least time required to help you.
  • Our counselors and attorneys each have over 20 years’ experience.
  • We will decline to help you if you refuse to make necessary repairs or seek to raise the rent by more than 100%.
  • Purchased time never expires. We will track time to the nearest quarter hour and issue refunds for unused time at your request.
  • By participating in this hotline service you agree to respond to one short survey following the resolution of your issue.
  • We cannot represent you in court. If your case goes to trial we will make every effort to transition your case to an attorney in the MassLandlords network. You will have to pay that attorney’s rates.
  • We will consult with you, advise you, prepare documents including notices to quit, speak with tenants or contractors on your behalf, or perform other services as may be agreed upon.
  • Your purchase of time signals your approval to spend up to that amount of hours on your case. We will endeavor to use the least time possible.

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