MassLandlords Holyoke was created when the Greater Holyoke Rental Housing Association enrolled its core members in MassLandlords. Holyoke members are welcome and encouraged at all MassLandlords events, the closest and most recommended being Greater Springfield.

The reason to join the Holyoke chapter, as opposed to Greater Springfield, is to stay informed about Holyoke-specific meetings with public officials. Otherwise the membership is the same.

Note that paying dues will send 100% of proceeds to MassLandlords, Inc. The Greater Holyoke Rental Housing Association is winding down as a separate legal entity and want all GHRHA members to join MassLandlords directly. The GHRHA Board of Directors will have the role of Board of Advisors in the MassLandlords network. MassLandlords Holyoke members will also be able to vote in annual elections.

All benefits that come with a digital membership: Full set of rental forms, Home Depot savings, directory, videos, resources, tools, message board, credit screening coupon
Member priced tickets to any MassLandlords dinner meeting, held each month except July and August.
Yearly Membership Subscription $100
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