Ford’s Pest of the Month: House Mice


Mice contaminate our crops and spread various diseases by biting us and leaving urine and feces on surfaces. They can also introduce fleas, carry ticks infected with Lyme Disease and carry an assortment of mites. Mice also carry Hantavirus, which causes severe respiratory infections in humans. Mice love to gnaw and often spend time chewing on electrical wires, books, clothing, and cause extensive damage when they are able to get into vehicles and RV’s. Mice urinate and defecate constantly on everything they walk on (cans, utensils, plates, countertops, etc.). One female mouse can produce 40 to 60 young per year and the young can start breeding in as little as 4 weeks. Mice can squeeze into holes as small as a pencil and will use existing gaps in bulkheads and garage doors for quick entry. If an existing gap is not available, they are more than happy to chew a brand new hole to enter a structure.

Many times a homeowner will use over-the-counter mouse poisons and find the rodents are removing the poison and storing it around the home (usually attics or basements). The formulations of baits our technicians use are in a style that rodents are forced to eat and not store. Our technicians will also use snap traps for a quick knockdown of the rodent population. Are you being bugged? Contact us at FORDSHOMETOWN.COM

Geoffrey Ford, Vice President

Ford’s Hometown Services

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