Boston Tues 7/16: Hearing Rent Escrow, Right to Counsel, Eviction Sealing

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07/16/2019 11:30 AM - 07/16/2019 6:00 PM
Meridian Room, 5th Floor
Address: 50 Milk St, Boston, MA 02110, USA
Thanks to our Property Rights Supporters, our early warning system has notified us of a major upcoming hearing: Tuesday, July 16, 1p to 5p State House, Rm A-1 Bill text does not remain constant during the legislative process, but it is critical that owners, managers, brokers, and others in the real estate industry speak in favor of or in opposition to the various bills being heard.
  • Do you think it's unfair that a renter can trash your apartment and live there rent free while the courts make you fix it? If so, then you need to speak in favor of rent escrow, which would close the free rent trick loophole.
  • Do you think it's unfair that landlords have to pay for an attorney, even if we don't want one, and through our real estate and income taxes, now we will have to pay for our renter's attorney, as well? If so, then you need to speak against one version of right to counsel.
  • Do you think it's unfair that bad tenants -- indeed all tenants -- will have their names expunged from the eviction record, such that landlords have no way to know whether the applicant before them was evicted, or for what reason, or how much they disrupted their previous community? If so, then you need to speak against eviction sealing.
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Tuesday, July 16th


  • 11:30pm Lunch and networking at 50 Milk St.
  • 12:45pm Walk to State House (0.4 mi)
  • 1:00pm Hearing begins at State House
  • 5:00pm Hearing ends at State House
  • 5:15pm Dinner at 50 Milk St.
  • 6:30pm Doors close


Pre-hearing and Post-hearing location: Meridian Event Room, 5th Floor 50 Milk St. Boston, MA 02110 Hearing location: State House, Rm A-1 24 Beacon St. Boston, MA 02133


Cheapest best parking for 50 Milk is the Post Office Square Garage or 33 Arch St Parking. Or take the red or orange line.

Cheapest best parking for the State House is under the Common (Boston Common Garage).


  • LUNCH:
    • Fresh sandwiches and wraps
    • Tossed salad, pasta salad
    • Water, sodas
    • Mini Pastries
    • Hot Buffet, incl. salad and rolls
    • Water, Sodas
    • Cookies, brownies


FREE. Open to the public. Membership is not required!

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