Do you have more than 30 rental units?

By Sharon Quinn Managing just a few units can be challenging but when the number of units under management starts flirting with 30, 40, 50 or more it greatly complicates the many and sundry aspects of being a landlord. With so many moving parts, some have resigned themselves to believe…

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The Mortgage Professor Calls Lease-to-Own a Possible Win-Win

Jack Guttentag, professor emeritus from Wharton, writes intelligent articles about home ownership. In his November 11 article, he describes the weaknesses that drive sellers and buyers together under lease-to-own arrangements. He highlights the reasons why these deals can actually help both parties overcome their respective troubles selling and purchasing. The…

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How to Find Good Rental Properties for Investment


Rental properties can be good investments. We all admire that friend or acquaintance and their passive income. But finding a good rental property and finding a good investment are usually two different things because of timing. We’ll look at this key issue of timing with an example. Introductory Example Let’s suppose there is…

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