Boston Rental Real Estate Networking and Training

Our staff and the volunteers at the Boston/Cambridge landlord group have created the best Boston rental real estate networking and training events. If you want to operate here or are considering it, you should come see what we’re all about. All events are open to the public. Membership is not required.

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3rd Tuesday of Every Month

Our networking and training events take place the third Tuesday of every month except July and August, which we take off to work on our rental properties or get a bit of needed R&R.

Real Estate Networking Time: Typical Agenda

Every event starts and ends with networking time. A cash bar helps facilitate conversation, just ask the waitstaff.

Networking at this location draws from Cambridge, Boston, Somerville, Arlington, Belmont, Watertown, and Malden.

Boston Meeting Agenda

  • 5:30pm Sign-in/Networking/Dinner
  • 6:00pm Buffet Dinner by Mount Vernon Restaurant
  • 6:40pm Executive Director Doug Quattrochi with the MassLandlords Business Update
    • Member Minutes – Any member can have the mic for 60 seconds (offer a deal, ask a question, share warnings, etc.)
  • 7:00pm Speakers
  • 8:30pm End of presentations
  • 9:00pm Doors Close

Primary Location

Cambridge Innovation Center
1 Broadway (5th Floor)
Cambridge, MA 02142


Alternate Location, Check your Event Ticket

CIC Boston
50 Milk St
Boston, MA 02110

Getting There and Parking

This rental real estate networking and training location is accessible by T and highway. Parking available in several garages for weekend rates. See CIC Directions for details. Pilgrim Parking is $10 enter after 4pm, a two-minute walk from One Broadway, click here for details

cambridge real estate networking after hours gets reduced parking rates

Food at Boston Real Estate Networking

  • Buffet, incl. salad and rolls
  • Water, sodas
  • cookies

*Dietary restrictions: purchase an early-bird ticket and email, we will accommodate you.


Open to the public! Membership is not required.

  • After Early bird or at the door:
    • Public: $24.00
    • Members: $19.00
  • Early-bird ends seven days prior at 12pm:
    • Public: $22.00
    • Members: $14.00


Don’t judge a book by its cover! The most successful owners and managers in the room are the ones who least need to impress with fancy clothing and bling. Use your judgment, but basically: come as you are.

Advantages of Boston Rental Real Estate Networking and Training

News: Boston rental real estate networking and training adds value to your current and future business. We have insider information. Wouldn’t it be great to hear from the City Council where the new school is being built? We heard it. Our Boston networking and training events will keep you up-to-date. You can’t find this stuff online.

Strong Connections: Because we focus on buy-and-hold rental real estate, we cover a niche that other Boston real estate networking and training events can’t. Our members learn about opportunities to buy in Boston before these buildings go on the Boston market. The personal connections you will develop with other Boston landlords will be invaluable. It’s not an anonymous deal factory like Black Diamond, see below. Our attendees actually know one another and can pick up the phone and call each other for help and referrals.

Local laws: What you don’t know can hurt you. What you think you know because you read it online can hurt you even worse. There are particular ordinances in Boston and surrounding communities that don’t exist elsewhere. There are different court interpretations and procedures here, too. This is one example of dozens for why you should invest in Boston rental real estate networking and training.

Examples of Speakers at our Boston Rental Real Estate Training

Our Boston rental real estate networking and training brings in headliners like Good Landlord author Peter Shapiro, Attorney Jordana Greenman, and Housing Court Judge Jeffrey Winik.

Peter Shapiro presenting at our Boston Cambridge training event.

Comparison with

There are three major differences between MassLandlords-style Real Estate Networking and Training and (no relation):

  • We’re buy-and-hold investors not flippers and get rich quickers
  • We charge you to come because we don’t make undisclosed money
  • Each meeting centers around legitimate training designed to meet continuing education objectives

Get Rich Slowly: As buy-and-hold investors we focus on long-term value creation. This means we’ll cover things like water submetering and legal compliance. Yes, you can and members often do make deals at our events.

You Pay Us so We Don’t Have to Sell You: All MassLandlords events have a “no sales pitch guarantee.” This means our speakers don’t pay us or sponsor us as a condition of presenting. We sell our real estate networking and training to real estate owners, managers, and investors. We don’t sell captive audiences to sharks. Note also that we don’t let well connected members or staff with side gigs restrict their competitors from attending or advertising. We definitely do not resell Mr. Landlord CD’s for thousands of dollars (you can get all those forms from our site for $100) and we don’t sell systems or strategies using personal brand power.

Vetted: Our presentations are selected by carefully vetting speakers in advance, often with long phone calls, and by reviewing their slides or giving them slides from our repertoire. We want to make sure that you learn something relevant, and that if you attend enough of our Waltham real estate training and networking events you will become a more successful owner. Our attendees come back month after month year after year.

When you come to MassLandlords, you join a network of thousands of landlords and investors attending eight to nine events monthly from Pittsfield to Boston.

Summaries, Videos, and Handouts from Past Boston Rental Real Estate Networking and Training

For events in 2018, visit the main Events page and press “back” on the calendar. Past events now remain on the calendar.

September 17th, 2019: Commercial Lending 101

Click here for the Commercial Lending 101 Presentation!

June 18th, 2019: Rent Control Policy Review, Ways to Make More Money with Existing Properties

Click here for the Ways to Make More Money with Existing Properties Presentation!

May 21st, 2019: Cash-Flow Positive Solar for Landlords

Click here for the Cash-Flow Positive Solar for Landlords Presentation!

April 16th, 2019: Smart Home Tech for Rental Properties

Click here for the Smart Home Tech Presentation!

March 19th, 2019: Inspectional Services (Board of Health)

Click here for the Inspectional Services Presentation!

February 19th, 2019: Choosing without Discriminating: Tenant Selection and Protected Classes

Click here for the Tenant Selection and Protected Classes Presentation!

January 15th, 2019: How to Make a Winning Eviction Case

Click here for more details!

December 2018: Asset Protection and Estate Planning

Slides are available only for members in good standing who are logged in.

October 2018: Market Conditions w Daniel Vasserman, Security Deposit and Pet Liability w Attorney Jordana Greenman

Documents are available only for members in good standing who are logged in.

September 2018: How To Raise The Rent

Click here for the How To Raise The Rent materials!

June 2018: Judge Winik, Eastern Housing Court

Slides are available only for members in good standing who are logged in.

May 2018: How to Select, Hire, and Manage a Property Manager, Checking Criminal Records

Slides are available only for members in good standing who are logged in.

March 2018: Making Communication Work with Tenants, Contractors, and Everyone Else

Slides are available only for members in good standing who are logged in.

December 2017: The Biggest Tax Savings Ever, New Lead Paint Regs

Chris Brown of Edmund & Wheeler reviewed 1031 exchanges. John Enright reviewed the new lead paint regulations that took effect December 1st 2017. Click here to learn more about this meeting and download the presentation

November 2017: Excluding Mice, Zero Down Cashflow Positive Solar

Steve Buono of Buono Pest Control made us laugh and cringe with his pest control tips, tricks and stories. Jamie Leef of SunBug Solar explained how we can turn our buildings into power plants and how to include electrical and heat in the rent to come out ahead! Click here to learn more about this meeting

October 2017: Preparing for Anything & Notices to Quit

At this meeting Matt Pelrine of NorthStar Insurance will be covering a lot! He’ll start off with insurance do’s and don’ts and the top five ways to reduce claims and premium costs as well as: replacement cost vs cash value, vacancy insurance, common things landlords miss that create lawsuits. Also, Director of Civil Process Office David Rodrigues and Deputy Director Denise Breen from the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office joined us for a talk on Notices to Quit. Click here to learn more about this meeting and download the presentation

September 2017: Rental Agreement Rundown

We started our 2017 -2018 event season off with a info packed meeting! We had 2 attorneys and a landlord counselor join us to offer expedited advising sessions during the networking and dinner period. Then we moved on to our Rental Agreement Rundown interview between Attorney Jordana Greenman and Executive Director Doug Quattrochi. Click here to learn more about this meeting

June 2017: Just Cause Eviction & Estate Planning

We closed out our Cambridge Event Series Season with an info packed meeting! Attorney Stuart T. Schrier discussed the process of Just Cause Eviction, the latest city operations meeting, what might be effective in advocating, likelihood of a vote, and much more. Ed Rowell also joined us to give our attendees the rundown on estate planning and QTIP trusts. Click here to learn more about this meeting

May 2017: Landlord Counseling, Renting to a Veteran in Need & Maintenance Hacks

Landlord Counseling with Peter Shapiro, Learning how to help America’s Heroes in need, Insurance Against Homelessness Proposal, AND DIY Maintenance Hacks? This was one impactful Cambridge meeting! Click here to learn more about this meeting

April 2017: Screening For Success & Saving Lives

Brian Lucier of Belaire Property Management, distilled his 16 years of tenant screening experience into a single presentation! Knowing how to weed out the bad apples from the bunch effectively and efficiently is not an easy task, but with Brian’s advice it’s much easier. Kristin Doneski, Outreach Coordinator of the AIDS Action Committee, also joined us to educate attendees about the opioid epidemic that is booming in Massachusetts and demonstrated how to administer the life-saving drug Narcan. Click here to learn more about this meeting

March 2017: Landlord Voices Heard by Chief Justice Sullivan

For our inaugural Cambridge event, we offered a interesting opportunity for landlords. We welcomed the Honorable Tim Sullivan, Chief Justice of the Housing Court, to present on the recent efforts to expand the housing court, ins-and-outs of housing court, housing initiatives, and the modernization of the courts. Click here to learn more about this meeting




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