Amendments to Economic Development Bill would Cancel Rents

Facing the prospect of losing their fight to get rent cancellation as a bill of its own, Representatives Connolly, Honan and others have filed amendments to an economic development bill (H.4879 “An Act enabling partnerships for growth”) that would enact rent cancellation, transfer taxes on multis, rent control, and other counterproductive housing measures. Please call and email your Rep and Senator both (Find My Legislator) and tell them to vote against these amendments:

  • Amendment 34
  • Amendment 63
  • Amendment 66
  • Amendment 68
  • Amendment 103
  • Amendment 124
  • Amendment 135
  • Amendment 439
  • Amendment 449

Some of these are awful, full blown rent cancellation. Others may be okay but we haven’t had a chance to review them. Housing policy requires careful review. None of these amendments have been reviewed. Some of them are demonstrably destructive.

7 Responses to Amendments to Economic Development Bill would Cancel Rents

  1. Eddison R says:

    I’m starting to think that a lot of those politicians are really loving the current pandemic. Is almost like an all you can eat buffet for legislation that would get shut down under normal circumstances….. I hate politicians so much.

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