Letter from the Executive Director for January 2023: A New Legislative Session

In December, we continued to improve MassLandlords processes, respond to media requests and update our services. And January marks the start of a new legislative session with a new governor-elect, so we prepared for this, as well.

MassLandlords is unusual among other housing advocacy nonprofits in that we maintain developers on our team. In December, we started using an “event standard text” script to pull from a library of event speakers, repertoire images and event formats. This allows us to more quickly create event listings once the event is planned. We hope to schedule cornerstone educational content, like deleading, quarterly up to a year in advance. This will allow each Certified Massachusetts Landlord™ to plan continuing education.

We also released a new home page. Near the top of the home page, up to six recent or spotlighted articles will be shown along with a short description and, if available, a thumbnail image. Further down, our benefits will appear for members to directly and quickly find the services they need.

Soon to be published, as well, is a new membership benefit. MassLandlords members will receive a discount on a Banker and Tradesman subscription for financial and real estate news not already covered by MassLandlords.

We continue to be a resource for journalists. We gave interviews to New England Public Media, the Boston Globe and GBH. We have also created a post.news account. Follow us there.

We know many are keen to return to in-person events. Note that our crash course is now rotating through locations. We plan to have a conference-style event in Springfield at the end of snow season, or just after.

The 193rd Massachusetts “general court” (legislature) convenes in January. MassLandlords has prepared over half a dozen bills. Our focus is on presenting good ideas that others will help with. I’m personally most excited about the DIY plumbing and electrical bill. The idea here is to free up the licensed trades to install heat pumps and save us from a climate disaster. Landlords and contractors who can pass a test of competence should be allowed to conduct like-for-like repairs and replacements on preexisting, non-gas and non-refrigerant systems, like outlets and faucets.

MassLandlords’ work benefits owners, managers and service providers of rental housing across the industry. Please join as a member, become a property rights supporter or increase your level of support.


Douglas Quattrochi

Executive Director

MassLandlords, Inc.