Statewide Chat Thu Feb 29th: Cameras and Audio Recording Chat

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5th thursday

No presentation today, just come and share or learn the best tips for installing and using security cameras:

  • Did you know we cannot record audio, and that a sign saying we do is no help?
  • Have you adopted a "power over ethernet" system?
  • Was your system installed by a security company or an electrician?
  • Have cameras reduced lost packages?
  • Have cameras increased your workload with renter and police requests?
  • Do you wish you installed your cameras sooner or not at all?
  • Where can cameras be located and where not?
  • How can you turn off sound recording on an Arlo, Ring or other system?
  • Have you used cameras to give you property maintenance information, like lawn mowing compliance, snow clearing or meter readings?
  • Anything else related!

Are you already a security camera expert? Attend and give back to the association by sharing how you upgraded your property.

Attendees will leave having hopefully shared, learned or both. Speaking is optional, you can come and just listen. This discussion will be moderated.

picture of MassLandlords Executive Director Doug Quattrochi

MassLandlords Executive Director Doug Quattrochi

Three long focal length security cameras sit atop a brick building looking in different directions.

What kind of cameras are people using? by Hustvedt - CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

Chat will be moderated by Doug Quattrochi, Executive Director, MassLandlords, Inc. Doug was a founding member of MassLandlords in 2013. He became the association's first Executive Director under new bylaws in 2014. Since then, he has scaled the organization from a core of 160 members in Worcester to approximately 2,500 dues paying businesses from Pittsfield to the Cape, and from an all-volunteer team to approximately 20 full and part-time staff plus 50 volunteers. Doug has been instrumental in advancing democratic governance mechanisms, including score voting for policy priorities and a staggered and democratically elected Board of Directors. Doug also oversees the RentHelper spin-off, which is expanding access to electronic banking for those of us who are unbanked or underbanked. Prior to MassLandlords, Doug held leadership roles in various Massachusetts startups, two of which are still operating. Doug holds a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

"Doug's presentation was excellent. He was very clear and provided detailed explanations." -Larry

"Doug always holds very informative classes full of substance and Very organized!" -Thomas

"Your answers to member's questions were most helpful." -Liz

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Statewide Chat - Thu February 29
Cameras and Audio Recording Chat
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Thursday, February 29th

Chat Agenda

  • 12:00 pm Start
  • 1:00 pm Chat ends

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