Rent from the Best™: A Certified Massachusetts Landlord™

The Certified Massachusetts Landlord™ is a seal of approval for landlords in Massachusetts. Owners and managers can be certified. So can brokers and others. It is voluntary.

Is your landlord a Certified Massachusetts Landlord™? That’s great news! It means your landlord is professional. They understand the rules and responsibilities of being a landlord. They agree to follow those rules. Certification means the landlord will do what’s best to keep up your home. It also means your landlord promises to follow the law. There’s a lot to know!

When you rent from a Certified Massachusetts Landlord™, you are renting from the best. When you Rent from the Best™, it means a better experience for you. Rent with confidence!

Each certification has a number. Higher certification levels take more effort to reach. This means your landlord is working hard for you.

What Does “Certified” Mean?

There are three levels of certification. Each level builds on the previous one. To advance, a landlord must meet the requirements for each previous level. The requirements are listed below.

Level 1: Best practices.

A Level 1 Certified Massachusetts Landlord™ has knowledge. They know about all the laws and regulations that they should. They promise to follow all of them. Also, they agree to maintain good business practices. They promise to follow our MassLandlords Best Practices.

Level 2: Test.

A Level 2 Certified Massachusetts Landlord™ has proved they know the law. They passed a challenging test. The test covers all rental housing laws. It also covers best practices.

A Level 2 Certified Massachusetts Landlord™ promises to follow all the laws and regulations in Level 1.

Level 3: Continuing education.

A Level 3 Certified Massachusetts Landlord™ wants to learn more. Landlords attend at least 10 hours of classes each year.

A Level 3 Certified Massachusetts Landlord™ passed the Level 2 test. They promise to follow all the laws and regulations in Level 1.

How do you know what level your landlord is? Check the logo in their certification. This will show their number. We promise that a landlord listed on our site meets their level’s requirements.

A landlord can tell renters if they are a Certified Massachusetts Landlord™. Renters can verify a landlord at

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What Should I Expect from a Certified Massachusetts Landlord™?

Your home will be kept up. Your landlord will not discriminate. Do you need a lead certificate? Your landlord will get one. They will protect your security deposit.

How Can I Verify if Someone Really is Certified?

Visit Enter the landlord’s name. If you get a matching result, their certification will appear as a logo above their profile.

Do not rely on images you may see in an ad. Anyone can make an ad. A certification may lapse. It may be revoked. Always visit for correct information.

My Landlord is Certified, but is not Following the Laws. What Should I Do?

You can report a Certified Massachusetts Landlord™. Click the “Report” button on their profile. But first, talk to your landlord. They may be able to work with you.

MassLandlords does not settle conflicts between renters and landlords. We can only take away a landlord’s certification. You should try to work with your landlord to fix issues. A professional mediator might be needed. You can and should do whatever you need to do. You can also talk to a lawyer. We suggest this as a last resort.

We will check into all complaints. Talk to a lawyer if you are not sure about something. Call 911 in an emergency.

Do I Need an Inspection?

No! You do not need an inspection. Landlords get certified based on their knowledge and promises. If your apartment is not good, talk to your landlord. A Certified Massachusetts Landlord™ promises to respond. If they do not, you can report them. Click the “Report” button on their profile.


Every landlord should meet the goals of the Certified Massachusetts Landlord™ program!

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