Massachusetts Rental Housing Association

The Massachusetts Rental Housing Association ("MRHA") is the state-wide affiliate of many of the smaller groups in Massachusetts.  Like the Small Property Owners Association, they intend to use grassroots political pressure to achieve public policy objectives, including late fees and rent escrow.

Massachusetts Rental Housing Association logo

How to Join

You can't join on  You'll need to join an in-person group instead.  $15 or $10 of your in-person membership will go to MRHA.


There are no regular educational meetings.  They used to do conferences, although that seems to have stopped.  Once a year they have an "annual meeting," although they missed the one that was supposed to be in May, 2014.

Member Benefits

For your $15 or $10, you will receive their monthly newsletter.

Massachusetts Rental Housing Association Pluses and Minuses

We like that they aim to unite all the landlords in Massachusetts.

We think there's an opportunity to focus on one bill at a time and to provide information to landlords about their legislative efforts.