Short-term Rentals

As of June 17, 2018, there was no state-wide regulation on short-term rentals, but municipalities had started to enact their own local bans.



The Boston ban for investors was first pass by City Council on June 13, 2018, Docket #0764

The minutes from the City Council meeting read as follows:

On the message and order, to which was referred on May 16, 2018 Docket #0764, an Ordinance Allowing Short-Term Rentals in the City of Boston, the Committee submitted a report recommending the ordinance ought to pass in a new draft.

Councilor O’Malley offered the first amendment.

The first amendment did not pass; yeas 6 (Essaibi-George, Flynn, O’Malley, Pressley, Wu and Zakim), nays 7.

Councilor O’Malley offered the second amendment.

The second amendment was passed; yeas 12, nays 1(Flaherty).

Councilor Wu offered the third amendment.

Councilor Flaherty moved to invoke Rule 9 to divide the question.

Motion prevailed.

The third amendment was passed; yeas 8, nays 5 (Baker, Campbell, Ciommo, Flaherty and McCarty).

Councilors Wu and Baker offered the fourth amendment.

The fourth amendment was passed; yeas 11, nays 2 (Flaherty and Janey).

Councilor Baker offered the fifth amendment.

The fourth amendment did not pass; yeas 4 (Baker, Ciommo, Essaibi-George and McCarthy), nays 9.

Councilor Ciommo offered the sixth amendment.

The sixth amendment did not pass; No tabulated vote.

Councilor McCarthy offered the seventh amendment.

The seventh amendment did not pass; yeas 3 (Baker, Ciommo and McCarthy), nays 10.

On motion of Councilor Flaherty, the report was accepted; the ordinance was amended and passed in a new draft; yeas 11, nays 2 (Baker and Ciommo).

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