How Members Save on Paint at Home Depot

Members save 20% off paint gallons and up, no matter how much or how little we buy. We’re also eligible for special consideration on purchases of non-paint totaling over $1,000 or $8,000.

A Home Depot self-checkout, original image by Krebson Security

Members who have already registered should take note: if your business cards have changed, it may be time to re-register them, steps below.

Step One: Get your group code.

Members must log in to get a “group code” that looks like a phone number. This group code is accessible from the Member Homepage.

Do not share your group code. We may share it internally to MassLandlords, but depending on your location and our growth, we may need to assign or reassign groups of members new codes.

Step Two: Take your Group Code to any Home Depot Register

If checking out with a real live person, tell them, “I have a PRO Account under this number” and hand them your group code. You must speak with a person in order to get any discount on purchases over $1,000.

You can get the paint discount by talking to a person or using self-checkout. At self check-out, look at the second of the two video screens (the smaller PIN pad where you will eventually swipe your credit card) and tap “PRO Account.” Enter your group code.

Step Three: Register your Card

When the PIN pad asks if you want to register your card, say “Yes!” Or tell the person, “I want to register my card.” The 20% discount on paint should automatically apply on this and future purchases.

If you want a discount on purchases over $1,000 or more, ask for your order to be sent to the “bid room.” You will wait a little while and they will let you know what can be done.

To get a discount, special terms, or shipping on purchases over $8,000 or more, log into and get the name and number of your regional sales rep. Do this before you go shopping, and call them.

Good news: When you swipe a registered card, you do not need to enter the group code each time. Also, up to 2% of registered spend will be rebated to MassLandlords to fund our policy work.

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