Request for Landlord Reference

There are pros and cons of using a landlord reference form.

The best way to get a recommendation from a previous landlord is to call them and to talk to them. Few landlords are beholden to the kind of corporate HR rules that would prohibit giving opinions over the phone. Most of them will tell it like it is. "Tina Tenant, yeah, she was pretty good. You know, kinda noisy, but who isn't, right?" You can read a lot between the lines.

Some landlords are uncomfortable giving this kind of verbal recommendation (or warning). In this case, ask if they would be comfortable completing a questionnaire.

Our questionnaire has only two qualitative questions on it. The question, "Did the tenant ever give you or other tenants heartburn?" can easily be left blank or answered "no" by those concerned with liability. The same goes for the question, "Would you rent to this tenant again?" (this can be ignored).

The rest concerns facts that will both shed light and avoid liability.

Members can view a real example, which shows the kind of applicant you should reject.

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  • v4
    • Removed sample data making it hard to print and fill out the form on paper.

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Sample of Massachusetts tenancy at will rental agreement

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