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MassLandlords has affiliated with RentHelper to offer a rent collection pilot to Massachusetts owners. You and your tenant will authorize ACH access to a bank account or a debitable cash card, and your tenant will control timing and amount by text message. You will get daily email updates.

The pilot is designed to stop bounced rent checks and eliminate stress and headache associated with tenant late payments. The service will work for owners in any market. It was designed particularly with down-market renters in mind: there are just two paper forms to fill out.

Fill out the forms at lease signing, then take a picture with your phone and upload them securely to RentHelper.

MassLandlords members get a free trial for their first tenant. Beyond the trial, if you like the service or add more renters, the cost is 0.6% (not 6%, approximately half a percent) of any amount transmitted via RentHelper. There is nothing you need to do to get the discount. Your membership status is checked by RentHelper when you enroll.

MassLandlords receives a marketing commission from RentHelper if you sign up and your tenants use the service. Full disclosure: the MassLandlords Executive Director is a part-owner of RentHelper. The Board of Directors has reviewed the service and potential conflict of interest and has approved this affiliate relationship.

RentHelper is headquartered in North Grafton, MA.

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