How to Speak at a MassLandlords Meeting

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No Cost to Present

We do not take sponsorships, donations, advertisements, or anything in exchange for awarding speaker slots. We only award speaker slots to the best, most highly rated companies, service providers, and landlords.

What is a MassLandlords event like?

There are two types of events. “Partner association” events are planned and run by volunteers. “Directly managed” events are planned and run by MassLandlords professional staff. As of February 2018, Cambridge/Boston, Charles River (Greater Waltham), Central Worcester, and Greater Springfield (Longmeadow) events were directly managed. This page describes these events. (To speak at another location, contact the partner association directly).

A full room for Judge Fields at Twin Hills Country Club in Longmeadow. All directly managed events come with dinner.

All of our events use a similar schedule:

  • 5:30p networking
  • 6:00p dinner
  • 6:40p MassLandlords staff or volunteers present business update
  • 7:00p first speaker
  • 7:25 – 7:55p depending on how long first speaker was assigned, second speaker

As a speaker you can come for any portion of the event prior to your timeslot, no charge. Bring as many of your team or guests as you like for dinner, just let us know you’re coming.

Speakers can help choose whether they’re in the first or second slot. Times are known in advance and strictly adhered to; this process is helped along by a moderator, who helps speakers stay on track.

Each event has a “leave stuff, take stuff” table where you can bring your own marketing literature or give-aways (not required).

Dietary requirements are usually satisfied if we’re notified at least one week in advance.

Our “No Sales-pitch Guarantee”

Our mission is to create better rental housing by helping owners. We organize opportunities for education and networking. This doesn’t mean you can’t present if your target customers are owners and managers, but it does mean you have to deliver content of value even if someone doesn’t intend to hire you.

  • Zero sales pitch. Our members come to meetings to learn how to run their businesses better.
    • If you intend to pitch a commercial service or product, you can only pitch back-to-back with a competitor.
    • If you sell a commercial service or product during the day but want to present general educational material at the event, you can present by yourself.
  • Good examples:
    • An insurance company presents on types of insurance and special subtopics, including whether certain breeds of dogs can be excluded by a policy. This is educational content that fits with our zero-sales pitch policy.
      • Their representatives network with members and talk about their insurance products during networking time.
      • The insurance company has their logo and contact information on the final slide.
      • They use their stage time to discuss only their educational content about dog breeds. They don’t discuss their company history or products on stage.
    • A hardware store presents their new line of cabinets. They are one of two cabinet presenters that night.
      • This is a pitch of a commercial service or product. Their competitor is also presenting.
      • Their representatives network with members and talk about their cabinets during networking time.
      • They have their logo and contact information on their slides.
      • They use their stage time to discuss their cabinets and business history.
      • Their competitor has the same opportunity.
      • Members have a choice of whom to hire.

The “no sales-pitch” guarantee restricts MassLandlords staff from scheduling speakers in exchange for an offer to support the association. We do not take event sponsorship, advertisements, memberships, or trades in exchange for presentation slots.

Making a Good Impression

  • Presentations must usually fit into one of two formats: a PowerPoint presentation or a radio style interview.
    • Slides, if any, must be approved in advance. In many cases, MassLandlords has “repertoire” slides that achieve our educational objectives for the topic you’ll be covering.
    • If you bring unapproved slides to the meeting, we may switch the presentation format last-minute to a radio style interview.
  • PowerPoint presentations:
    • These are perfect for teaching difficult topics.
    • PowerPoint takes a long time to prepare, and speakers need to rehearse or they may be perceived as boring. =( We track member feedback at every meeting.
    • We like to see YouTube videos or actual presentations before we agree to a PowerPoint you have created.
    • MassLandlords has stock “repertoire” presentations that you should consider using. These presentations meet our educational objectives and will help ensure that attendees leave with a positive impression of your business offering, even if you are not a PowerPoint expert.
  • Radio style interviews:
    • These are perfect for people who don’t want to prepare slides, or who have stage fright, or who don’t speak for a living and just want to have a conversation.
    • Radio style interviews can still have pictures or videos. Send us files or links and we can put them up on screen behind you.
    • Radio style interviews require a short phone call to set topic areas.
  • Presentation content must be of interest to a large subset of members.
  • Timing:
    • With a few exceptions, all presentations must fit into a 25-minute, 40-minute, or 55-minute time slot, including Q&A.
  • Advertising:
    • Speakers can bring marketing literature, but note that advertisers can have a table at events even if they’re not speaking. Advertising options are here.

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