Statewide Virtual Meeting Fri Sep 22nd: Veteran Programs and Services

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Veteran status is protected from discrimination. This means housing providers must understand veteran services and subsidies, or else risk making bad decisions based on stereotypes. Many veterans are thriving and some take advantage of social services, participation in which landlords cannot refuse. At this event, we will explain:

  • Difference between veteran status and active military status.
  • Types of social services available specifically to veterans, including financial, substance abuse and behavioral clinics.
  • How to respond when an applicant or resident says they are receiving services.
  • And more!

Veterans in Massachusetts can be single or with a family, so landlords with all unit types from studios through larger units should attend. Landlords with studios, one bedrooms and two bedrooms are especially likely to speak with a veteran or related case worker.

Attendees will leave knowing how to offer equal housing opportunity and support veterans as they take advantage of the services made specially available to them.

Veterans, Inc.'s brick building in Worcester flies the United States flag and the Massachusetts flag. A sign above the door says 25 years serving veterans and their families.
Veterans, Inc. was founded as a Worcester nonprofit in 1990. They have since become a multistate organization offering over a dozen services to veterans.
Three flags wave in front of a grassy field. A blue one is for the U.S. Navy, a red one is for the U.S. Marine Corps. The third, a white flag, does not have a clear insignia.
Giving preference to veterans or military members when renting a unit is just as problematic as denying someone a rental because they are or were in the armed forces. Don’t consider military or veteran status, or anything that follows from it, when choosing your tenants.

Part of this event will be presented by Sully Roberts and Bill of Veterans, Inc.. Veterans, Inc. helps veterans and their families find housing, get and remain healthy and well, find jobs, raise a family, and overcome trauma and substance abuse. Unlike other social services agencies, Veterans, Inc. maintains long-term relationships with clients and does not abandon someone once they get an apartment.

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Statewide Virtual Meeting - Fri September 22
Veteran Programs and Services
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Friday, September 22nd

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Topic: Veterans Virtual Meeting September 22, 2023
Time: Sep 22, 2023 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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