Southern Worcester County Landlord Association Southbridge Dinner Meeting Mon Apr 3rd: Benefits of Using Heat Pumps for Heating & Cooling

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1st monday

David  Backstrom - of LaCroix Heating & Cooling, will speak at the SWCLA April 3rd, 2023 meeting.  

David will be discussing the benefits of using heat pumps for heating & cooling as they are more efficient than most conventional heating & cooling systems people would currently have in their homes.

The main focus will be on ductless mini split systems as they are the most common application to be able to retrofit into existing homes and multi-family properties. He will also be discussing the MASS SAVE program and how you can take advantage of rebates of up to $10,000 per home (and per unit for multi family properties up to 4 unit buildings) as well as a 7 year 0% interest loan for up to $50,000.

These units are a great opportunity to both increase the efficiency of the peoples homes as well as make the living spaces more comfortable year round.

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Southbridge Dinner Meeting - Mon April 3
Benefits of Using Heat Pumps for Heating & Cooling
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Monday, April 3rd

SWCLA Dinner Meeting Agenda

  • 7:00p Douglas Quattrochi, Executive Director, MassLandlords, Inc.
    • Update on MassLandords activities
  • 7:15p Presentations


Southbridge Community Center (aka Casaubon Senior Center)

153 Chestnut St.
Southbridge, MA 01550


Open to SWCLA Members only. Pay annual SWCLA dues then free. All SWCLA members whose dues are up to date will be sent a link to the meeting via email.

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This event will not be recorded.

Slides and handouts if any will be uploaded to SWCLA.


This event is operated by volunteers at a partner association.


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