Statewide Virtual Meeting Mon Mar 27th: Communicating with Stressed-out, Difficult Tenants

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4th monday

This panel discussion will help us develop self-management, communication and conflict-resolution skills. We will particularly focus on high-conflict situations. We will cover:

  • How owners and managers can earn goodwill before drawing down on it.
  • "Going to the balcony" for mental separation from heated, emotionally charged tenant situations.
  • Phrases and approaches that de-escalate, especially where a renter escalates.
  • When renters threaten unnecessarily to call city inspectors or deny access to make repairs.
  • Identifying the time and place for simple listening vs. problem solving vs. going to court.
  • How to bring up difficult situations like unauthorized occupants, rent withholding, property damage, noise and nuisance and more.

Attendees will leave having been introduced to basic approaches, examples of phrases to use or avoid, and best practices for resolving difficult situations.

Peter Shapiro of Good Landlord Consulting Services and MassLandlords Stakeholder Liaison and Helpline Counselor

Peter Shapiro runs Good Landlord Consulting Services (GLCS) and is a MassLandlords Helpline Counselor

picture of Kris Snyder, Certified Massachusetts Landlord

Kris Snyder, Certified Massachusetts Landlord

An example of a stressful situation is where one person talks too closely and too loudly at another.

Stressful situations don't need to remain so. We'll show you how to manage your own and other's reactions.

Part of this event will be presented by by Peter Shapiro. A graduate of MIT's Master's Program in City Planning, Peter founded and directed Mediation For Results, a Program at Just-A-Start Corporation, a nonprofit in Cambridge, Massachusetts. From 1990 to 2015, Peter and his team provided landlord counseling, mediation and homelessness prevention, and led landlord support groups across Metro Boston. Peter now provides Helpline and Member services for MassLandlords and also provides landlord counseling and mediation for the City of Boston. Peter is the author of The Good Landlord: A Guide to Making a Profit While Making a Difference.

Part of this event will be presented by Kris Snyder, member and Certified Massachusetts Landlord Level One Provisional. Kris has a professional background in customer service across several industries, including nonprofits. They are practiced at deescalation and diffusing via written communication inluding texts, chat and email. Kris also has sexual assault disclosure training via BARCC that has taught them valuable skills for making sure people feel heard and listened to when they are experiencing trauma or other stress. Kris has been a regular contributor to our members-only Facebook discussion group.

Erin Zamarro of A.A. Zamarro Realty will
moderate networking time.
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Networking time for this event will be moderated by Erin Zamarro. Erin is a real estate broker in Worcester, operating since 2008. She is a member of MassLandlords and the National Association of Realtors. Erin frequently works with buyers and sellers of multifamily or investment properties, as well as assisting property owners with rentals. She owns 8 units in Worcester.

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Statewide Virtual Meeting - Mon March 27
Communicating with Stressed-out, Difficult Tenants
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Monday, March 27th

Virtual Meeting Agenda

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  • 5:40 pm Presentation
  • 6:40 pm Virtual Meeting ends

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Topic: Communicating with Tenants Virtual Meeting March 27, 2023
Time: Mar 27, 2023 05:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Statewide Virtual Meeting - Mon March 27
Communicating with Stressed-out, Difficult Tenants


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