Report a Certified Massachusetts Landlord™ for Failure to Comply with the Best Practices

To report a Certified Massachusetts Landlord™ for not complying with our Best Practices, fill out the form below.

Before using this form:

  1. Verify that the landlord you wish to report is currently certified

    Visit to look up your landlord. We do not communicate with uncertified landlords.

  2. *Pick one* problem that you think best demonstrates why the landlord's certification should be revoked

    Explain it in detail. If you must submit two problems, report twice.

  3. Take a picture showing the reportable violation (e.g., picture of your apartment, screenshot of message, or scan of form/paperwork)

    Be sure that your complaint centers around an actual violation. We do not consider frivolous complaints.

  4. Decide how you wish to identify yourself

    You will need to link to a social media profile (e.g., linkedin, facebook) that identifies you. We do not consider anonymous complaints. See our Privacy Policy for assurances on privacy. We will consider third-party submissions (e.g., LCSW on behalf of a renter).

We do not accept anonymous reports.

Notes about conditions: Call 911 and/or your landlord if you have an active emergency. We are not an emergency service. Owners will be asked to provide proof of a passing third party inspection in the last three months, or they will have 60 days to get a new inspection for the unit in question. Once the new inspection is on file, we will consider the report addressed.

Consult with an attorney and/or if your rights are at stake. We are not a court.

Due to the possible volume of complaints, we may not reply to each report.

Certification Report

  • Max. file size: 80 MB.


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