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As of December 29, 2021, Charles River Rental Housing Association membership is awarded automatically: simply join or renew with MassLandlords and tell us you own or manage in Middlesex or Norfolk County. After signing up, tell us you care about a town or city in the Charles River region using the "Municipalities" option. The Charles River Rental Housing Association is a directly managed chapter of MassLandlords, Inc. Once you join MassLandlords, there is no additional cost to join CRRHA.

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Testimonials from Waltham Rental Property Owners and Managers

95% of 2016-2017 event feedback was glowing, and we've made improvements for next season based on the other 5%. Most event feedback is anonymously submitted:

  • "Nice venue - Nice food. Speaker - very informational. Landlords need this info."
  • "Good speakers! Good meeting! Thanks" - Mike
  • "Enjoyed both presentations. Very helpful. Keep it up! Thanks!" - Sharda