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Following the roll-out of price per unit dues on December 29, 2021, it is not possible to sign up for a new NWCLA membership until NWCLA approve the proposed service contract. All existing members on autorenew will autorenew as planned. This limitation applies to new members only.

Annual Dues

Standard NWCLA NWCLA Deluxe NWCLA Deluxe for Two NWCLA Premium NWCLA Premium for Two
Voting membership in NWCLA, a 501(c)3 non-profit headquartered in Fitchburg.
Ten monthly dinner meetings in Fitchburg, held on 2nd Thursday except July and August, included free. Free Free Free Free Free
MassLandlords member benefits: Forms, Home Depot savings, directory, tools, message board, credit screening coupons, fixed price entities, RentHelper trial, etc.
First ticket to ten monthly dinner meetings in Worcester, held on 2nd Wednesday except July and August. $22 $13.50 $13.50 Free Free
Second ticket to ten monthly dinner meetings in Worcester. Friends welcome! $22 $22 $13.50 $22 Free
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Central Worcester County

Testimonials From Worcester Meeting Feedback Cards

“I got a new heating system [for free] using a program I heard about at a meeting.” -Phil

“I always enjoy my time with the WPOA [].” - Brian (service provider)

"Excellent presentations. Interesting questions and examples from group. It was an excellent learning night!" - Edy

"Speakers were good. A+"

"Great meeting!" -Michele

"Love the food. (+Speakers)." -Jim

"As usual very well done meeting. Informative."

"Firefighter [speaker] was very good!"

"Food  = awesome."

"Always like housing court night. Good information. =)" 

"Great meeting. Great topic. Thanks!"

"Great meetings, great food, great space. Well worth the price." -Dawna

"Excellent meeting by the way and the food was very good also." -Patty

"This was a fantastic meeting. Very helpful and informative!" -Michele 

"Excellent presentation for property owners."

"Loved Buildium presentation!"