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Central Worcester County

Testimonials From Meeting Feedback Cards

“I got a new heating system [for free] using a program I heard about at a meeting.” -Phil

“I always enjoy my time with the WPOA [].” - Brian (service provider)

"Excellent presentations. Interesting questions and examples from group. It was an excellent learning night!" - Edy

"Speakers were good. A+"

"Great meeting!" -Michele

"Love the food. (+Speakers)." -Jim

"As usual very well done meeting. Informative."

"Firefighter [speaker] was very good!"

"Food  = awesome."

"Always like housing court night. Good information. =)" 

"Great meeting. Great topic. Thanks!"

"Great meetings, great food, great space. Well worth the price." -Dawna

"Excellent meeting by the way and the food was very good also." -Patty

"This was a fantastic meeting. Very helpful and informative!" -Michele 

"Excellent presentation for property owners."

"Loved Buildium presentation!"