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  • Rental forms: Download a complete set of up-to-date rental forms (applications, leases, notices to quit, and more)
  • Home Depot Savings: 20% off paint; all purchases over $1,000 eligible for price reductions at the bid room.
  • Tenant Screening: Save on SmartScreen credit reports.
  • Service Provider Directory: Search for service providers or be listed as one (electricians, managers, realtors, attorneys, plumbers, snow removers, and much, much


  • Videos of past meetings.
  • Analysis of the laws.
  • Resources like the CFL vs LED calculator.
  • Message board for 24/7 access to greater Boston landlords for advice and/or to contribute your professional expertise.
  • Networking and education meetings held in greater Boston.
  • Monthly educational newsletter with in-depth articles (email).
  • The famous, hard-hitting SPOA policy newsletter (print, 10 issues) with updates on laws and ordinances that affect your business.
  • Support SPOA’s efforts to fight Just Cause Eviction Rent Control.
  • One year subscription, cancel anytime.

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