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The Small Property Owners Association (SPOA, pronounced “SPO-uh”), is primarily focused on landlords in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts. SPOA is proud to be a member of and join with other Massachusetts landlord groups in promoting good rental housing laws in the state.

SPOA sponsored the 1994 state-wide referendum that outlawed rent control in Massachusetts.

We aim to use grassroots political pressure to achieve public policy objectives of statewide significance, especially defeating rent control, getting a rent escrow law to stop abuse of the rent withholding law (the “free rent trick”), and achieving and maintaining freedom from inspections.

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Go to an upcoming event or join online for immediate access:


Join for $75. Donate additional amounts after joining.

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“I am glad I have joined the SPOA–and your newsletter is very helpful. I have encouraged my friends who are landlords to join.” -Mary


Once a year, typically in spring, there’s a mini conference held at a Veteran’s of Foreign Wars (VFW) post.

In January 2015 SPOA started working with the Boston Asian Landlord Association to give SPOA members access to BALA seminars.

See the SPOA event calendar.

Member Benefits

In addition to everything on, membership in SPOA gives you a subscription to:

The Small Property Owners Newsletter. The best property owner newsletter around. In your mailbox every month, 10 times a year except July and August. Up-to-date reports on old laws and new laws for and against small property owners.

Investigative reports on:

  • real owners getting hurt by abusive laws
  • the “free lawyer” legal services for tenants
  • the hidden truths about lead poisoning and lead paint abatement
  • the so-called “affordable housing” bureaucracy and its agenda
  • and similar topics

In-depth analysis of our nation’s anti-owner housing laws and how they hurt owners, housing and neighborhoods:

  • Strategy talks on how to make small property owners into an effective grassroots lobby in every state.
  • The Small Property Owners NEWS keeps getting high marks from its readers.
  • We are a high-level, opinion-shaping monthly report.
  • We aim to change how people think about housing policy and its impact on small property owners across the country.
  • We aim to give property owners the tools to change the laws that affect them.


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