The MetroWest Property Owners Association is an independent organization. Joining MWPOA here will send your payment to MWPOA. MassLandlords is under contract with MWPOA so that you will get most of the benefits of membership.

As of December 29, 2021, MetroWest Property Owners Association membership is awarded automatically: simply join or renew with MassLandlords and tell us you own or manage in Worcester County. After entering a billing zip code in Middlesex County on the checkout page, check the box that prompts you to add MWPOA membership. The MetroWest Property Owners Association is a partner association separate from MassLandlords, Inc. Once you join MassLandlords, full MWPOA dues will be remitted to MWPOA (your list price here remains the same by agreement with MWPOA).

The primary difference between MWPOA membership and a voting MassLandlords membership is that you will be entitled to vote in MWPOA governance matters, but not MassLandlords governance. Also, in policy discussions with state and local officials, MWPOA will be the association that represents you, not MassLandlords. You should choose MWPOA membership if you have a property interest in MetroWest.