SWCLA Virtual Meeting Mon Oct 4: Landlords Helping Landlords: A General Question / Answer / Relevant Experience Session

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Because of the short time between our September meeting and this, our October meeting, it was difficult to find an appropriate speaker and an interesting topic. Our Landlords Helping Landlords sessions, however, bring out very interesting topics and experiences. If you sign-on, you will not be disappointed.

Being optimistic, it’s possible that we might be able to meet in person for our November meeting. It’s been over a year since we’ve met in person. One thought is that our first in-person meeting after such a long hiatus ought to kind of a low-key celebration devoted only to socializing; that is to say no formal agenda accompanied by soft drinks, snacks, and pizza. There might still be COVID issues to be concerned about, but we want to hear from you. What are your thoughts? Please send an email to ronbernard@icloud.com.

PLEASE NOTE: We had planned to hold this meeting, in person. However, there still is uncertainty in the proliferation of the Delta Coronavirus. For planning purposes, we could not be sure that our meeting space at the Southbridge Community Center would be open. Additionally, we are not sure as to how many colleagues are willing to attend in person. Let’s talk about this in our October Zoom session.

All SWCLA members whose dues are up to date will be sent a link to the meeting via email on the day of the meeting.

Monday, October 4th

SWCLA Meeting Agenda

  • 7:00p Meeting Start
  • 8:00p Meeting wrap-up


Zoom meeting information will be emailed to SWCLA members on the day of the event and viewable online.


Open to SWCLA Members only. Pay annual dues then free. All SWCLA members whose dues are up to date will be sent a link to the meeting via email.

This event is operated by volunteers.


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